To all my brothers and sisters,
Tell mister you’ve had enough of his shit.

There’s only so long we can keep our anger at bay for our many injustices,
For he deems us not as “prominent” as himself and his superior race,
Making us feel forever ashamed and filled with great disgrace.

He tries with all his might,
All his manipulation,
To keep us in an inferior position
In this world, without justification.

His intention was to strip us of our identify,
the very essence of who we were meant to be,
to keep us as slaves for as long as possible,
so the children of his children would own ours,
but the hour has come for us to get ours.

We’re taking back what belongs to us,
Our dignity, our freedom, our strength,
We’re demanding respect and equality and fairness and trust,
We’re done metaphorically being on the back of society’s bus.

Pigmentation of his skin doesn’t make him better,
And that’s something I hope he’ll remember forever.

(Then maybe, some day, we can all come together.)


Written by Syvehlla “Sweetie” Glover

© 2017 Syvehlla Glover