Thr3e by Ted Dekker


My absolute favorite book (so far)! I picked this book up years ago in a Christian book store and it did not disappoint. Dekker is a Christian author, so many of his books do have hidden messages in them, this one not so much. It is a fantastic thriller. Full of suspense, shocking twists and turns, and the ending is so unpredictable, you wouldn’t see it coming. I recommend this book so often. Anyone who loves suspense and thrillers should definitely read this book. I would love to hear your thoughts on this book if you get around to reading it! Do you and me a favor and do not watch the movie first. Ralph Winter, the producer of the X-Men and Star Trek movies, produced the movie adaption. But the film does not do the book justice. I’m confident anyone who loves to read will enjoy this amazing book.

A brief summary:

Thr3e is a story of a young seminary student, who one day, realizes he is being stalked and is in very real danger. Out of the blue, Kevin begins receiving letters and calls from someone he is sure he’s never met, threatening to hurt him and others if he does not “confess his sins.” Dumbfounded, Kevin tries his hardest to think of any “sins” he may have committed, enlisting the help of his oldest friend, in an attempt to satisfy and rid himself of this violent and angry stalker. After a series of unsettling and dangerous events, including bombings, with the help of a detective, Kevin believes they are one step closer to identifying and capturing his tormentor. The twist comes when the evidence somehow all leads back to Kevin. But surely, there’s no way Kevin could be involved! He is an innocent victim. That’s when the real danger begins and the suspense becomes too much to handle. It becomes a race against the clock to save Kevin’s life from someone he believes is pure evil.

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“The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man” by James Weldon Johnson

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A very well written fictional autobiography as told by a black man. It’s the story of a black man, mixed, but light enough to pass for white, and his struggle with the issue of race in America and his true identity. At a young age, he was unaware that he was half black, until he was told he was a “negro” at school. From that point on, he comes to realize that color matters and starts to struggle with his blackness. This is his memoir about living part of his life as a black man, and the events, including seeing a black man lynched, that caused him to live much of his life as a white man.

One of the reasons I appreciate this book is that it touches on the issue of identity crisis in a way. The narrator, after realizing that race, goes through a brief period where he has a hard time accepting he is black, and trying to understand what that means. As he ages and goes through life, he can’t decide whether he will live as a black man or a white man. He likes the privileges of being a white man. Deep down, he feels he’s abandoned African Americans and needs to make up for it. He’s living as two people essentially. Black at times, white a large part of the time. It’s not until he falls in love and wants to get married that he realizes he needs to disclose his ethnicity and stop lying about who he is. I think it not only speaks to the constant issue of the race problem, but also to the issue of self-identity… The question of “who am I?” Who do I want to be?

**This is a pretty short book, so even if you don’t have much time to read, you can easily get through this book. If you are interested in reading it, I will attach the link below and you can download it from my Drive. Epub files can be read with the Nook app, Epub Reader app, Aldiko app, and various others in the Google Play store. I recommend Nook.**

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