Welcome to my blog!

Considering this will be my first post, it is only right to let you know who I am, and to thank you for stopping by!

My name is Vella Glover, my nickname is Sweetie. I’m a 27 year old mother of two beautiful children. A 7 year old son and a new baby girl. Since I am being full time mommy right now, I finally decided to start the blog I have been thinking of creating for a while now. I’m also a full time college student. I just graduated with my A.A in June 2016 and will begin working toward my Bachelor’s degree in a few days. I’m currently on leave from my full time job. I’m really just a unique, creative individual whose mind is always running wild with thoughts and ideas. I’m hoping this will be my outlet, especially considering I have begun writing again.

Some of the many things I am passionate about include: my children, makeup and skin care, books, writing, drawing, electronics, crafts, learning, cooking, African American literature, etc. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on books, recipes, products, my personal poems, stories, and experiences, my makeup looks, and maybe some personal drawings and craft projects. So to easily sum it up, my blog will be a blog about everything!

I hope my blog is a place for you to come to and get to know a little about me, read some original poems, maybe hear about a good book, and some new recipes to try. Like a one-stop shop for your daily needs. I’m also looking forward to getting to know what you, the readers, would like to read about. Any feedback, questions, or comments are appreciated. I’ll respond as quickly as I can.




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